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Simple And Logical ™ is offering you realization of your visual identity that can include not only logotype solutions but elements of a visual communication or overall solution of visual standards.

Highest quality solutions of your visual standards ultimately provides expansion in the number of partners and clients, conquering new markets and expansion of business activities. First condition for success is a quality of products and services but without proper presentation in public your enterprise will not go beyond existing frames.

This is why I want to encourage you to address us with confidence and to provide yourself a quality presentation in public, regardless of your activities or company size. Your pleasure and success shall be our greatest reward.

Simple And Logical design studio offer you package arrangements for any kind of business activities and for all situations that require a touch of design. We believe that logo-designs must be simple, passionate, professional and memorable. Behind the name Simple and logical there is a long tradition, more than 15 years of work and hundreds of successful design solutions.

If you decide to entrust me with your problem, I will provide a simple and logical solution, with passion and experience that has only grown over the years. We are a professional design company that has kept its simplicity at the core.

There is no mystification of our work, there is no hidden meanings. There is only beauty of logic and truth.



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Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy.

What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. Simple And Logical


Logotype represents a visual presentation of a bussiness identity on the information market.
Visual identity is a sum of impresions that clients have on their minds about your company.
Visual standards are sign, logotype, defined mode of use and aplication(press, internet, objects, vehicles…)
Typography is an artistic technique for a letter design visit how to get free robux without verifying. By using the design and these two techniques, we can deliver a message.


Color plays a significant role in creation of an opinion about a product, regardless is it a computer, ice-cream, T-shirt or web-page. Right and careful selection of colors is very important, because different colors are transmitting different signals. Beside selection, it’s also important to determine contrasts and arrangement of colors on a web-page. Exaggeration shall present your page as thoughtless and it can drive away your potential clients and users. Naturally, there are some divergences from this rule,e. g. web pages for children are perfect for experiments with colors, but within the limits of good taste. In next articles I will go through some basic colors and their characteristics .
White rests eyes and it’s used in minimalist styles. White is most common used as a base for a black text that creates a strong contrast. White is very underestimated in the world of design, because amateurs and design-costumers concidering it as boring. Black is very strong and ecologically acceptable(low consumption of computer screen). It is often compared with death, menace, self-confidence, authority, elegance, seriousness, illegal activities, formality and strength. Domination of a black and white shall emphasize the effect of other colors that are used on your web-page. If used with measure, grey can be very elegant. It represents technology and future and it was very popular in the late nineties. Grey is also neutral and that’s why it is suitable for background of a page. In that case, user is not distracted with background, which is in most cases irrelevant and purely aesthetic.
Blue is very commonly used in web-design and you can not make mistake with it. It represents confidence, professionalism and it calms down. It can be used in variety of themes; patriotism, joy, elegance or depression. Beside the fact they were underlined, page links were originally in blue.
Yellow is rarely used in web-design and even more rarely for filling big surfaces. It is a summertime color and it represents nature, warm, fun, inspiration, energy, sun, happiness, joy, hope, relaxation and etc. It is interesting that yellow, in context with other colors, has many meanings. In combination with black, it becomes aggressive and. In combination with red it represents something evil and diabolic.
Green has replaced grey in design and it has very extensive use nowadays. It is a springtime color and it represents nature, money, wealth, family mood, freshness, happiness, creativity, peace, life, etc. Beside the blue, most commonly used color.
Red is extremely emotional. It has a wide span of meanings; from love and courage to danger and evil. For some people it represents victory. In web-design, red is used for banishment, prohibition and for some important definitions and explanations. It represents Christmas-time and stability, strength, warm, fire, blood, heart, emotions, sainthood, menace, hell, rage, respect, aggression, high energy, communism, passion and St. Valentine’s Day.
Typography is a term that can be defined in many ways. Most commonly is defined as a science of letters or the art of use of typographic letters. It is a skill of composing, creating, shaping and functional use of letters. Nevertheless, main goal of typography is to find most effective method of perpetual use of typographic material(leaden and digital symbols). Some of the definitions are: ” Art of selection of an appropriate letter for certain project, its organisation in a direction to realize a most effective communication and to be pleasing to the eye.”; “The art/discipline about influence of a text, especially printed text, against the reader.”
Orange is a combination of red and yellow, so it is not as strong as red, but it still bears energy and strength of yellow. That makes orange very flexible. This color is firmly connected with the haloween holiday because it is a color of fire and pumpkins. It is also concidered as an autumn color. Orange represents sun, friendship, energy, earth, warm, fire, luxury and sociality.


Hir 3 Sailing Tribe
December 2, 2020
We had our logo revamped and upgraded with a tagline and later on, we required a separate logo for a campaign. Both tasks were executed according to the brief, with a good understanding and creative approach that went beyond our expectations. Both projects were done quickly and communication was easy going. Simple & Logical is our go-to designer.
Ana Klarić
September 15, 2020
As a client I was heard beyond the design brief and delighted with proposed solutions. Elegant, inventive design and pretty cool people to work with. Their constructive approach and reasonsble price added extra touch to overall excellent experience during our collaboration. Will be happy to work again with Simple And Logical creativity team. Highly reccomended!
Anita Pavić Prib
April 7, 2020
Our collaboration was successful.As a client we where very satisfied with the complete project and service , especially with designers unique approach & amazing logo ideas! Shortly ; great creativity work & professional service..
Sindi Puljiz
April 11, 2020
Great unique design, as a client i was pleasantly surprised how designers approach to client, professionally,with excellent graphic solutions. My recommendations !
Tomislav Tomic
October 23, 2020
AmazIng experience! I contacted simple and logical in order to get some nice logo… but in the end, i got the total solution for my brand and a clear message for my audience.
Samir khenfar
December 1, 2020
Hvala na trudu i ljubaznosti,izuzetno kvalitetno odrađen posao kako je bilo i dogovoreno do i najmanjih sitnica.za svaku preporuku!
Mchele Meier
August 21, 2020
An innovative designer who was able to translate our design brief into a unique brand experience. The final product exceeded our expectations and requirements. When you work with a designer “trust” is the bridge from your vision to the design outcome. Simple And Logical provided that trust and shepherd the project from concept to completion. Thank you !!
Dražen Kokanović
January 8, 2021
“Working with Simple and logical was a pleasure! Very responsive and had excellent ideas and designs for the Brand identity. I am looking forward to working with Simple and logical again! Thank you so much “
Mike Pomazal
January 4, 2022
Simple and logical – Design Studio designed a logo and business card for my photography studio. He was really on the ball with everything. Anytime I had a suggestion, he showed me multiple options within a few minutes. I would highly recommend !”